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The High Culture of Wine - From Primary Rock to Loess If vineyards could speak, there would be endless hours of exciting discussion in the Kremstal. Especially because the 2,600 hectares of vineyards here are divided into different zones: the Stadt Krems, the eastern-lying areas, and the small wine villages south of the Danube. But there are uniting elements - Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, which are the key representatives of the entire region as well as expressions of art and culture.

In the old town of Krems, the close link to wine is more than evident. A place that has long and superbly - fulfilled its role as an ambassador of Austrian wine culture, Krems is also where old harvest estates reflect great viticultural tradition. And where young and successful wine-growers, an innovative wine co-operative and an outstanding wine school are thriving. It is also home to the renowned Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) Wine Fair.

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